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2024 entry

Course and Tuition Fees Database


Price is a key driver of student recruitment and therefore understanding the tuition fee market is paramount during these unprecedented times. Drawing on our own experiences of setting tuition fees and conducting portfolio reviews, we have developed our Course and Tuition Fee Database that is the perfect fit for UK universities.

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E2024 Database

S Squared Insights Limited are pleased to confirm our E2024 database – retaining all the benefits of our previous databases, plus exciting new features. Our Course and Tuition Fees Database is a comprehensive list of all UK undergraduate and postgraduate taught higher education courses, award types, granular subject groupings and primary data keys for seamless data integration. The following will be included in our 2024 edition at no additional cost, including three features first introduced by our product in 2022:

UG Entry Requirements

Database Primary Key

HECoS and CAH Groupings

New Course Identifier

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Launching in 2020, our database was the first to introduce new metrics and fields to standardise fee data after listening to sector feedback.

This includes a comprehensive list of all course variants, course indexes to distinguish award levels and part-time variants, a primary key for seamless historic data integration, granular subject groupings (HECOS and CAH3), annualised fee conversion to standardise PGT fees and a new course identifier introduced in 2022.

Our database includes:

  • All UK Universities – Including UKPRN, INSTID, University Affiliate Group and Region

  • All UG Courses (Home and International Fees) – Including UCAS course code

  • All UG Course IELTS and A-Level entry requirements (no additional cost)

  • All PGT Courses (Home and International Fees)

  • Foundation, Bachelors, Masters, PGDip, PGCert and other awards

  • Full Time and Part Time course variants

  • On Campus, Blended and Distance Learning

  • Duration of Course

  • Unique identifiers including UKPRN, UCAS Course Codes, Database Primary Key to link to previous years

  • JACS Principal Subject, CAH3 and HECoS groupings for all courses

  • Fee Type Identified i.e. Annual vs. Total

  • Annualised fee included for all courses

  • Every variant of an individual course (e.g. Part Time, PGDip, PGCert and DL) to give complete picture of the landscape.

  • Course Index to identify parent courses and seamless integration into Business Intelligence tools


Our database is available three months earlier than is traditionally available to UK Universities, with updated releases available monthly from October. Subject to university fee publication date.


First database release of early publishers.


All Russell Group HEIs


All HEI providers


20 new, additional private HEIs

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Our process

In order to deliver the detailed and timely solution that universities require to effectively conduct fee setting and portfolio reviews, our data science team deploy a 3 stage process to ensure data quality, accuracy and completeness.

Data Collection

Our data science led methodology allows is to collate detailed, accurate data.

Data Cleaning

We use a sophisticated data cleaning method to ensure data integrity and deliver consistent, usable datasets.

Data Checking

We introduce a variety of checking methods to identify outliers to continually adjust our collection methodology.

The inclusion of the primary keys, and also having the historic data sets with primary keys, will be incredibly helpful in our processing of the data.

University of Glasgow,