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Tuition Fees Dashboard


Built on top of our proprietary database, our Tuition Fees dashboard is a self-service tool ideal for fee setting, portfolio reviews, entry requirements analysis and new programme development. Our dashboard provides an overview of all institutions in our database, tailored to easily compare your institutions against other competitors. It allows full functionality to build custom comparison sets down to programme level, available across Undergraduate International, Postgraduate Home and Postgraduate International courses.

Key Features

Our Tuition Fee Dashboard interrogates our fees database to design bespoke competitor set, custom subject groupings, custom sets by awards and institution. The dashboard allows for easy filtering to identify key competitors from high-subject level down to individual programmes.

Bespoke Competitors

Built from granular data, our dashboard filters allow you to select relevant competitors from programme to subject level.

Custom Subject Groupings

We provide filters and hierarchies for CAH subject groupings to define specific subject groupings to align dashboard results to your specific faculties or schools.

Individual Programmes

Individual programmes from our database can be searched, selected and compared with any programme for your institution.


Customised at any level, the dashboard automatically updates to show an overview of key features such as inflation rates, pricing position, price ranges across years and fee points.

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Our Tuition Fees Dashboard is fully interactive with a range of easy to interpret visuals across all collected data years, complete customisation of data and easy export to PowerPoint or PDF. Our dashboard provides an overview of fees comparative to your institution, the rate of change across years, fee points per institutions, fee ranges across subject areas and more - all presented as interactive visuals.

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Our custom filters allow you to select relevant competitors from programme level through to high-level subject codes, retaining all the key information from our database with complete customisation to support fee setting, entry requirements setting or portfolio development.