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Financial Awards Audit

Financial Awards Audit (FAA)

We have developed a new solution to address the long-standing conundrum of Financial Awards (Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards, and Discounts) in the HE sector. The Financial Awards Audit (FAA) was born from direct experience of how these multi-million-pound investments have been underdeveloped, neglected, and even become counter-productive, across the sector.

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Financial Awards Audit (FAA)

Offering an authoritative, independent and uniquely informed perspective, the FAA will make clear recommendations to improve return on investment and impact for both beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Our research to date has collated examples of best practices and also identified risky schemes which may be frowned upon by the OfS/CMA. As well as improving ROI, the FAA will offer an external perspective on your risk profile and how it might be mitigated.