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Step off the "in cycle" merry-go-round.


Working in HE means that you are always “in cycle”. The dizzying spin is relentless with little or no scope for strategic planning or change. UCAS deadlines, campus visits, offer making, start of semester, end of semester, exams, graduations, start again. Even when a better way of doing things is identified, implementing the change among all that spin and churn seems impossible.

S Squared Insights wants to help HE colleagues step off the merry-go-round.

Our unique strength is combining the best in data science solutions with the lived experience of the HE practitioners who make up our team.

We want to hear from the HE community about the cycles they want to break. What are the issues you want to address but lack the support to change?

In the coming weeks we’ll be having these conversations with clients, old and new alike, confident we can find a way forward. If you’d like to be part of the dialogue then let us know.

PS – we love a merry-go-round at the fair, just not the workplace.

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Dr Julian Westwood

Director at S Squared Insights

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